Think Dirty Deluxe Holiday Beauty Box Review

Think Dirty Deluxe Holiday Beauty Box Review

By now it’s no surprise that I love the Think Dirty app. As a clean beauty advocate, I use it regularly to find and shop for non-toxic options for everything from my laundry detergent to eyebrow pencil. If you didn’t know, Think Dirty has a monthly beauty box! They handpick a few items every month and for the holidays they have a special box which I will be reviewing today. I have already tried most items in the box and although Think Dirty gifted this to me, all of my opinions are 100% genuine.

David’s Natural Toothpaste
Biossance The Nourisher
Erins Faces Magic Dust
Qet Botanicals Getting Started Facial Kits for the Hydrating Skin Suite

Products included:
1. Biossance The Nourisher – $72.00

I LOVE the packaging for Biossance products. I haven’t used this product in particular yet but I use Biossance’s The Revitalizer every day (it’s amazing!!) so I trust that The Nourisher will be just as great.

2. Alchimie Forever Pigment Lightening Serum Samples

Have not tried yet but very much looking forward to it! Alchimie Forever is a high-end clean beauty brand so it’s nice that I can get try the sample before I splurge.

3. Fitglow Beauty Good Gloss in Cherry – $24.00

I normally don’t wear lipgloss because I don’t like the sticky feeling but you don’t get that with this one at all. It’s super smooth and feels like it’s barely there and it’s decently pigmented. After using this, I headed over to Fitglow’s site to check out the other shades they have and the color Deep is definitely on my shopping list now.

4. Doctor Rogers RESTORE™ Healing Balm – $30.00

I recommend this to all my friends who are in need of a petroleum-free moisturizer. Doctor Rogers RESTORE™ Healing Balm is actually my holy grail product.

5. Erins Faces Magic Dust – $18.00

For the love of sparkles ✨ Can’t wait to play around with this product when I do my holiday party makeup!

6. Moondani Breath Mist – $12.99

Honestly, I’m very conscious of my breath most of the time so I was excited to try this. Best part about this breath mist is that it doesn’t give you that mouthwash burn AND it works so well. It’s seriously magical.

7. David’s Natural Toothpaste – $7.95

I have been using David’s Natural Toothpaste for months now so I can honestly say that it’s a good toothpaste. It took me some time to adjust to the lack-of-foam but it’s so worth it. Natural toothpaste was one of the first swaps I made while transitioning to a non-toxic routine because it’s used so often.

8. Qet Botanicals Getting Started Facial Kits for the Hydrating Skin Suite

I’m saving this one for when I have an at-home spa day, maybe I’ll write about it once I do try it out.

9. Eco Lips POGO™ True Vanilla Bean Blister – $3.99

Smells amazing, feels amazing. The packaging makes for such fun application.

10. Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Spray – $13.99

My mom is always preaching about bee propolis and the health benefits. The stuff my mom has comes in a drop bottle and tastes absolutely horrible… BUT it works for throat relief! I’m hoping that this Beekeeper’s Naturals Propolis Spray will be more bearable since it’s in spray form.

11. Bare Bones Body Tattoo Balm – $9.99

I already have a good impression of this product because all the other Bare Bones Body products I have tried have been awesome. I don’t have any tattoos but I’ll be using this balm as a moisturizer.

12. Vancouver Glam Girls Deluxe Makeup Brush Cleaner – $24.00

I don’t use too many makeup brushes but I do use sponges. I used this brush cleaner to clean my Beauty Blender and was pleasantly surprised with the clean results.

13. Salon Solids Conditioner Concentrates Samples

I haven’t tried this yet but I’m intrigued! I have never used a solid conditioner but the steps say to mix it into boiled water and rinse through hair. Can’t wait to try this one out.

14. Antonina Naturals Mango Butter Lip Balm

Winter time means I’m applying lip balm every 2 seconds. Love the smell of this one and I don’t think I can ever go back to non-natural lip products after this.

At first glance, the box may seem pricey but not including the sample items, the retail value of the items in the box already comes up to around $222USD. The Think Dirty Deluxe Holiday Box sells for $110USD which is a STEAL in my opinion. They are also generally generous with the items they give and have many offers if you sign up for their mailing list.

If you want to gift one for Christmas, the shipping cut off dates are VERY soon so order quick!
Shipping to US is December 12th Midnight EST.
Shipping to Canada is December 18 Midnight EST.

With promo code SOUNDLY5OFF you can get $5 off your box if you decide to order one for yourself!

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