The Healthy Alternative To Wet-Wipes

The Healthy Alternative To Wet-Wipes

A clean and environmentally-friendly alternative are the  JOSEPH’S Toiletries 2in1 tissue, which can be used dry and wet with a pH-neutral cleansing care spray. JOSEPH’S Toiletries Gentle Cleansing Bottom Wash is made with ingredients meant to leave you feeling clean while ensuring microbiological balance is protected. It’s made of non-toxic ingredients and is free of alcohol, fragrance, parabens, formaldehyde carriers and sulfates! The tissue is made from sustainable wood and is biodegradable, meaning it will dissolve 100% in water. Wet-wipes are typically made of plastic, glue and many chemical preservatives—none of which are included in JOSEPH’S Toiletries products. Make the switch to JOSEPH’S Toiletries for an option that is better for you and the environment.

Did you know that traditional wet-wipes are not made of paper, but instead made with a non-dissolving fleece, containing plastic and glue? Because this fleece material does not dissolve in water, it eventually builds up and clogs up many sewage systems around the world. According to The Guardian, a 15000 kg, Boeing 747-sized fatberg had accumulated and was removed from the sewers of London in August of 2013. Fatbergs are not uncommon due to households and restaurants pouring fat down the drain and wet-wipe companies marketing their products as flushable. The fatbergs are not only detrimental to the environment but are also high in costs— The New York Timesstated that in New York alone, it has caused $18 million in damages in a short 5 years.

Founded in 2013, Switzerland-based JOSEPH’S Toiletries works to re-conceptualize toilet care and hygiene. JOSEPH’S Toiletries is made with all kindness to nature and skin, in Switzerland and Sweden.

You can try JOSEPH’S Toiletries today by ordering a trial set on their online website. Also available in monthly sets for only $19 USD!

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