Meet Rosie

Meet Rosie

Friends who have known me for a while know that I’m in love with the Shiba Inu breed (and dogs in general), so when I picked up my puppy two weeks ago, it really was a dream come true for me! Meet Rosie, my three-month-old Shiba Inu puppy.

Rosie has changed my life in so many ways already. Puppies are a lot work, they are essentially babies— both Jason and I have basically become young parents. Taking care of this puppy has meant that we have a routine and we are up by 8:30AM every day. Her playfulness keep us upbeat and energized though! Although she is such a stubborn little puppy, she makes daily life more fun. I really love being a dog mom haha!

You can see more photos and follow Rosie’s adventures on Instagram @Rosannetheshiba










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  • Fiorella

    Hi there, love your blog! Rosie is adorable! Where did you get her? My husband and I have been looking for a Shiba for some time now.
    thanks so much and keep up the great fashion!

    • Janice

      Hi Fiorella,

      Thanks for checking out Soundly Living! I got Rosie off a breeder on Kijiji, but I hear if you are in the Toronto area, Shiba Rescue GTA may be able to provide you with info on where to search for reputable breeders. I hope that helps and good luck with the search 🙂