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The Best Natural Moisturizing Lipsticks

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Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone who are celebrating, and happy Tuesday to everyone who aren’t! It’s super cold in Toronto right now and I think for most of us that means chapped lips. Lipstick obviously can’t replace lip balm but some lipsticks can definitely help more than others. I know that the shades pretty much all look the same in…

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The Healthy Alternative To Wet-Wipes

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A clean and environmentally-friendly alternative are the  JOSEPH’S Toiletries 2in1 tissue, which can be used dry and wet with a pH-neutral cleansing care spray. JOSEPH’S Toiletries Gentle Cleansing Bottom Wash is made with ingredients meant to leave you feeling clean while ensuring microbiological balance is protected. It’s made of non-toxic ingredients and is free of alcohol, fragrance, parabens, formaldehyde carriers and…

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Clean Daytime Skin Care Routine

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Happy Friday everyone! Other than getting into bed after a nice shower, washing my face and getting ready in the morning is one my favourite part of the day. Having a good skin care routine just helps start the day nicely. Especially in the morning, it’s like cleansing your tiredness away. How my morning routine usually goes: 1. Wash my…

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Clean Hair Care

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Let me start by saying that I am really low maintenance when it comes to my hair. If you have known me for many years, you probably noticed that not much has changed about my hair other than length. I avoid dying my hair (chemical damage, no thanks), and I rarely ever style my hair with heat. So my hair…

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