Baby Shower Gift Idea- Clean Baby Skin Care Products

Baby Shower Gift Idea- Clean Baby Skin Care Products

Happy Sunday! Today I’m attending my sister in-law’s baby shower, and I thought I would share my gift idea. I am so happy to say that in a few more weeks, I’ll be able to meet my first niece! I can’t wait!

Where I got what (this post may contain affiliate links):
Woven basket- Loblaws
Sheep toy- Toys ‘r’ us (I picked this item off my sister-in-law & brother’s gift registry because I thought it was really cute)
Blanket- Toys ‘r’ us (again, picked off the registry)
Kate Spade owl hat & mitt set- Sporting Life

I’ll go into more detail about the skin care products because that’s really where I put the most thought, and it’s the more practical part of the gift. I got the Baby Boo lotion and Burts Bees body wash from Whole Foods. Both products are fragrance free, and score under a toxicity level of 4 on the Think Dirty app. If you don’t know what I mean by that, you might want to check out this post first.

I got the Baby Hugo baby powder from (they ship free with a $29 purchase, and give great samples!), but I found out that it is also available at Whole Foods. I specifically searched for Talcum (Talc for short) free baby powders and this was one of the rare brands that had a Talc free option. It is on the pricey side relative to the well known baby brands but after reading up on the dangers of Talcum powder for babies and adults, I think it’s worth it to pay a few more dollars. You can take a look here if you want to see it for yourself.

Lastly, I got the Live Clean Baby Non-petroleum Jelly from Amazon but you can find it at Walmart. I chose this alternative over regular petroleum jelly because this product specifically is very safe. It contains tocopherol, which is essentially vitamin E and vitamin E has many skin conditioning benefits. Petroleum jelly appears to moisturize your skin, but it really just creates a seal over your skin to lock in moisture and dirt.

When I was researching safe products to buy for my niece, I was surprised to find how uneven the ratio of unsafe to safe products there were out there. I mean, you would think that because it is made for an infant, it is more safe but that’s not the reality. Just like I encourage you to do research for products for yourself, same should be done if you are buying products for a child.

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