Autumn Weekend

Autumn Weekend

The weather in Toronto has been amazing lately! I’m grateful that I can get some more wear out of my leather jacket before having to pull out my parka for winter. I’ve been enjoying the fall weekends by taking long walks with Rosie and Jason, and going on the occasional doggy play date. How are you guys taking advantage of the nice weather?

A friend of mine gifted me one of her handmade gem necklaces and I just had to share it because I am seriously in love with it. To be honest, I always thought that gem necklaces were just about the aesthetic but it turns out that each stone hold a different meaning. The one I’m wearing is a rose quartz, and according to this site, the rose quartz is all about love: self-love, platonic, family, romantic and unconditional. The more I learned about the meaning behind my gem, the more I have come to appreciate it!

I’m a huge fan of one-of-a-kind or hand crafted items, so I definitely appreciate that the rose quartz gem necklace I’m wearing is 100% hand made and hand weaved. You can check out some more styles @kimzas on Instagram! Scroll down for a promo code if you’re interested in getting one for yourself! (Hint hint, Christmas is around the corner— great gift idea for your spiritual friend or family).

Details will be listed at the bottom. Check out some photos from another walk with Rosie!





Jason and Rosie






Black leather jacket- H&M
White blouse: Community
Ripped jeans: American Eagle
Lipstick: Bite Beauty Mauvember
Boots: Unknown
Bracelets + Ring: H&M
Necklace: Kimizee Jewelry use code SOUNDLY for 20% off at checkout

The AMAZING Photos by Ryan Lai (@ry.lai)— or visit his site here

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  • Emily Kelly

    Very proud of you, Janice. This is a great blog that shows impressive initiative and creativity. I look forward to following you (and Rosie!) on your health and wellness journey.

    • Janice

      Hi Ms. Kelly,

      Thank you for the thoughtful comment. I really appreciate the support and I hope all is well with you!