About Me

HI, I’M JANICE and I am so glad you are here today!

I am currently studying at Ryerson University, located in the heart of Toronto in Canada. I love all things wellness, puppies and cool startups.

Why did I create this blog?
It started when I decided to make the switch to green beauty. As a university student living on a budget in Toronto, I noticed that it was incredibly hard to find affordable natural products available in Canada. The U.S has a much larger green beauty market and there are many more brands there, but shipping to Canada is costly. I have a feeling that there are Canadian girls (and guys) who are becoming conscious of what they put on their bodies and are looking for better options. I created Soundly Living with the hopes to help you through that transition to a more natural beauty & personal care routine.

Why did I choose to name my blog “Soundly Living”?
Well, the phrase “soundly asleep” means that you are sleeping deeply and peacefully. Living peacefully is exactly what I am trying to promote here. I care greatly about holistic health and I love to share what I learn!

Thanks again for stopping by, enjoy your visit at Soundly Living!

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