4 Beauty Tools That Changed My Life

4 Beauty Tools That Changed My Life

I generally like to keep things simple when it comes to my beauty routine and just use my hands when possible rather than buying an eyeshadow brush or an electric face scrubber, etc. However, in the past few months, I started trying out different tools to either cut down on waste or just to see what the hype was about. Here are my top picks for beauty tools to include in your routine:

1. Hair Bobble

I remember seeing these years ago being sold in many accessory stores in China, but I didn’t understand how useful they could be. I’m definitely late on this one but these hair ties are life changing! I have thick hair and tradition hair ties tend to stretch out (or snap) over time and become useless but not these hair bobbles! They stretch like crazy but shrink back to shape so it holds my hair up really well, and adds volume to my ponytail which is a nice bonus. I was gifted these by a co-worker for Christmas, but I just ordered more from Amazon because I’m obsessed. Highly recommend giving these a try if you haven’t yet!

2. Molly Cosmetics SiliSponge

I have been seeing different variations of this type of sponge on Facebook lately — people are even using bra inserts to apply their foundation, isn’t that crazy? I saw the Molly Cosmetics SiliSponge first and ordered it right away. It did take some time to ship to me but it was well worth it. I’m going to be totally honest and say that this probably can’t replace your beauty blender because this I usually need to blend out the area near around my eyes with my beauty blender. I like using this Silisponge because I can save on product since it doesn’t absorb anything, and best of all is how easy it is to clean. I also like the Silisponge because it helps me use my beauty blender less, resulting in less washing and slowing down the wearing out process.

3. Makeup Eraser

One of my new year resolutions for 2017 is to create less waste, and that’s why I started looking into better alternatives for my makeup wipes. I hated that I either used cotton balls or non-biodegradable wipes to remove my makeup so often, but just using a cleanser didn’t feel clean enough for me either. The Makeup Eraser is the PERFECT solution— all you need to do is wet the cloth with warm water and rub the cloth in circular motions on to remove your makeup. There’s two sides of the cloth, one to remove makeup and the other to dry and exfoliate your face (the side with the tag), and it’s not made with any chemicals! I find that the cloth works very well in removing my makeup, but I also don’t wear heavy face makeup so results may vary. It’s also a great way to save money on makeup remover because this cloth lasts up to 1,000 washes. I have to say that this was my one of my best purchases, ever.

4. Konjac Sponge


I came across the konjac sponge when I was searching for non-plastic exfoliators. Konjac sponges originated in Asia and are plant-based, so they are 100% biodegradable (woohoo!). They are used to lightly remove dead skin cells, and can be used with or without soap. I have one for my face, and one for my body which I keep in the shower as a replacement to a loofa. To use the sponge, you wet it with water until it becomes soft and rub! I got the one for my face from Amazon (for under $10) and the shape is great because it allows you to easily exfoliate the areas around the nose. I use both of the sponges every other day and it’s been helpful in removing my flaky dry skin. Can’t imagine how I would get through winter without my sponges!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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